Conference MMUN 2017

Conference MMUN 2017

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It was a beautiful afternoon in NYC to join with MMUN delegates, teachers and parents from all over the world for the 2017 Inspiring the Youth conference. I was honored to join with my friends and a leaders in humanitarian work Jack Brewer, Judith Cunningham and Michael Jacobson. I was thrilled to see that this year’s participation from all involved was the largest gathering in the history of MMUN. All the delegates, parents and teachers showed their enthusiasm to work together for a better and peaceful tomorrow.

  • Dr Bobby K. Kalotee’s presence at MMUN 2017
    supports the idea that countries must invest in the empowerment, education and employment of their young people.

    There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today,
    representing a staggering amount of human potential.
    Yet too many of them are trapped in poverty,
    with few opportunities to learn or to earn a decent living.

    Young people are hungry for better options.
    “They are rejecting the status quo and demanding a better future.
    Many of them are claiming their right to a decent living,
    and they are willing to take risks to do so.

    He beleives that if youth are been allowed to realize their full potential,
    developing countries could see huge economic gains.

    Bobby K. Kalotee was been a young one
    was been a dream maker
    He was and still is a fighter
    Thats why, he couldn’t be nowhere else but there at MMUN
    the young ones at the UN!

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