Interviewed by Simmy Harding

Interviewed by Simmy Harding

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Friends for Good Health International Chairman Bobby Bobby K. Kalotee was interviewed by Simmy Harding. They where talking about me and Friends for Good Health. The interview was in both Hindi and English.

  • Dear all,
    I believe that even though I am not the right person to speak about
    Dr Bobby K. Kalotee I am not even a specialist on refugees, or human rights or even on international social contribution..
    But certainly I am a human being that is able to see and respect all the above that he DOES!

    “He seems to believe that there is always hope even in times of despair.
    He has witnessed people experiencing darkness that seems inescapable and he has seen these persons find hope in the hope of others. why?
    Because he was one of those childs and life has proved that he is a born fighter.

    ’He holds the hope for us even when we cannot.’
    He leads us to believe that support is key to making
    a huge difference in someone’s life.

    He also believes that people can change, and that as social contribution he often is in the position to guide and to facilitate these changes in someone’s life.

    He holds the conversations, narratives, and stories of those in need as sacred and precious because he used to be one of them.

    When I see… I really see people like Dr Bobby K. Kalotee..

    that I have the honor of bearing witness to his experiences, and his beliefs keep me going, feed my soul, and contribute significantly to my passion about the future of this World”

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